Pogany to make first committee appearance

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Pogany to make first committee appearance

Likely the first of many, ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany will make an appearance at the House Education Committee meeting on Friday morning and discuss ASBSD with the committee of 15 representatives.


“It’s a great way to introduce our association to the committee and share with them our purpose in and mission for K-12 education,” Pogany said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity Representative Jacqueline Sly has offered.”


In addition, Pogany will share and explain a list of notable acronyms related to education. The list includes well known abbreviations such as NCLB and DOE and lesser known, but very important, ones like PSA (Per Student Allocation) and CPI (Consumer Price Index).


“There are many widely used acronyms in education that individuals immersed in the field rattle off in regular conversation,” Pogany said, “but we forget there’s jargon that others outside the profession may not be familiar with.”


“And that’s really my goal, is to help the committee members familiarize themselves with these lesser known, but very important terms.”


Pogany will present in front of the committee at 8:15 a.m. on Friday. The committee meeting is available to listen to live or can be downloaded following the meeting.


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