“Quotes” of Note from Senate Ed.

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“Quotes” of Note from Senate Ed.

It’s been limited to this point, but at Tuesday’s (1/15) Senate Education committee meeting, three Senators broached the subject of and possible alternatives to school funding.


Senator Deb Soholt (14) said the current funding formula feels “like it’s in its own universe in relationship to where we really need to go with accountability.”


“Away from funding, how can we help districts meet the challenges for the mass customized learning approach we’re taking today,” Senator, and Committee Chair, J. Mark Johnston (12) said.


“I’m coming around to the issue of funding,” Senator Bruce Rampelberg (30) said. “When you start to pare off of who gets what, it sure seems to me that we really need to, as a state… increase the funding level that we have available to do these (DOE education outcomes) many things that you (Secretary Melody Schoop) are identifying.”


We don’t want to read anything into any of the Senators’ quotes, but rather make note of the discussion that’s taking place in the early stages of session.


One of ASBSD’s goals for this session was to explore long-term, permanent funding options available and begin the conversation to secure a source. It’s encouraging to hear the discussion in committee and that legislators are carefully analyzing the current state of funding for schools.


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