Scenes from the Secret Vendor – Take Two

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Scenes from the Secret Vendor – Take Two

The secret was out for the second year at the ASBSD-SASD Convention as many attendees discovered who the secret vendor was among the Convention’s more than 100 exhibitors. And those lucky attendees entered their name in a drawing for a chance to win $500 cash.


Just after 5 p.m. on the Convention’s opening day, SASD Executive Director Rob Monson called the crowd together with ASBSD Executive Wade Pogany having already arrived.


2015 Secret Vendor (7)


And they obliged Monson’s request.


2015 Secret Vendor (17)


For just a minute, it looked like Monson and Pogany were surprised by the throng of people gathering for the announcement.


2015 Secret Vendor (12)


But they had help from Monty Miller of Sayre Associates, the secret vendor sponsor, who drew the name of the winner.


2015 Secret Vendor (27)


And everyone waited with bated breath…


2015 Secret Vendor (28)


“NO WAY!” shouted the winner, Pierre School Board Vice President Cari Leidholt.


2015 Secret Vendor (31)


There were handshakes.


2015 Secret Vendor (36)


And high fives!


2015 Secret Vendor (43)


Congratulations, Cari. Thanks to everyone who supported the vendors in the Exhibit Hall. The secret vendor will be back again next year!

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