School funding committee asks for input

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School funding committee asks for input

With three meetings completed, the legislative interim committee charged with examining school funding will look at the decisions of local school district leaders to seek opt-outs and utilize capital outlay flexibility.


“We have heard the good side (of education). Now let’s look at the other side; the needs side,” Rep. Kathy Tyler said at the committee’s most recent meeting in July.


School board members and administrators have been encouraged by the committee to share their input on these subjects before the September 23 meeting. Board members and administrators have also been invited to testify at the meeting, which begins at 9 a.m. in Pierre.


This is an ideal opportunity for local school leaders to share the effects the current state of school funding has had on their district.


If your district has successfully, or unsuccessfully, sought an opt-out, share why it was necessary, what it was used for or what’s been cut because of the funding shortfall. If your district has utilized the capital outlay flexibility provision to cover other costs, share why and what it was used for.


To help aid information distribution, ASBSD will collect information submitted by board members or administrators and submit it to the committee for their review.


Submit information to Director of Communications Tyler Pickner at


If you have questions, contact Executive Director Wade Pogany at or at 605-773-2500 or Tyler via email or at 605-773-8382.


For updates on the funding committee, check the ASBSD Blog.

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