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Checkout the School Safety Matters newsletter

A few weeks ago, ASBSD and SafeSchools Online Staff Training System announced their partnership to bring all member districts access to their market-leading online staff training system, beginning in September, and now we’re bringing you the first edition of their popular School Safety Matters newsletter.


Give the School Safety Matters newsletter a read here.


This edition of the newsletter features an introduction to the company and their partnership with ASBSD, a look at the expert-authored courses offered in the SafeSchools Training System, and their other K-12 safety solutions, including an accident and injury tracking system and much more.


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The SafeSchools Training System offers school boards and district administrators the opportunity to automate their staff training and policy administration through a comprehensive online library of courses covering important school safety and compliance topics.


Download the ASBSD SafeSchools Training Product Overview.


Members of the Associated School Boards Protective Trust’s Workers’ Compensation and Property/Liability Funds have access to the training system at no cost and all other ASBSD members receive the program at a 50 percent savings beginning in September.


ASBSD members can read the newsletter and those looking to get started with SafeSchools Training in September should contact Matt Flett at or 605-773-2515.

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