Special education set to receive increase in funding

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Special education set to receive increase in funding

Special education is set to receive an increase in aid for the 2020-21 school year.


House 1042, which sets the Special Education levy and disability level funding for FY 2021, passed the House on a 60-7 vote and the Senate on a 32-2 vote.


HB 1042 sets the maximum special education fund levy at $1.684/thousand dollars of taxable valuation and revises the definition of local effort for the purposes of special education state aid to $1.484/thousand dollars of taxable valuation, as well as updates the funding per disability levels to:

  • Level 1 –$6,152 per-student;
  • Level 2 –$14,655 per-student;
  • Level 3 –$19,194 per-student;
  • Level 4 –$15,405 per-student;
  • Level 5 –$32,348 per-student;
  • Level 6 –$8,261 per-student.

Sen. Margaret Sutton said the bill would “increase the (funding) for all children in need of special education.”


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