Special Education comm. concludes study without recommendations

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Special Education comm. concludes study without recommendations

The legislative committee charged with studying special education completed their study but had not introduced any formal recommendations as of Monday (11/18).


The Special Education Interim Legislative Committee met last week (11/13) for the third and final time of the legislative interim. The committee was created by the passage of Senate Bill 3 during this year’s legislative session and charged to take an in-depth look at special education.


At the most recent meeting, committee members heard presentations on out-of-district placement and dyslexia workshops before taking public testimony and concluding with a committee discussion.


During the committee discussion Rep. Nancy Rasmussen, the committee’s chair, noted the group would need to communicate after the meeting and prior to Monday’s (11/18) Legislative Executive Board meeting in order to develop recommendations from the study.


When asked by ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany when recommendations would be presented and what they might look like, Rep. Rasmussen noted she would “be in contact with” committee members in order “to make a clearer statement” and bring that statement “to the Executive Board next Monday (11/18).”


In the committee’s report to the Executive Board it was noted “no formal action was taken” on recommendations but they were “forthcoming.”


Rep. Rasmussen told Executive Board members she “would like to have more information provided” to the committee and “there’s just so many avenues of need.”


ASBSD will continue to monitor the legislative website for recommendations from the committee.


For updates on the committee and the upcoming legislative session, check the ASBSD Blog.

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