Submit your questions on homeschool statute changes

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Submit your questions on homeschool statute changes

SASD Executive Director Rob Monson has developed an online document for submission of questions related to Senate Bill 177, which makes significant changes to homeschool laws.


The bill, which passed the House 41-27 and was signed by Gov. Kristi Noem, will become law on July 1 and there are many questions around how different pieces of the bill work.


Read more about the bill here.


CLICK HERE to access the Google Doc and submit your questions or see if a similar question has been submitted.


Once a good number of questions are submitted, the list will be presented to SDHSAA and the Department of Education for their input and answers.


While a submission deadline has not been set, Monson asks that those with questions submit them soon in order for the process of getting answers and communicating those answers with schools to begin.

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