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Talking Tax Credit

After an unscheduled day off yesterday, legislators get back to it this morning with a hearing for a controversial bill related to school funding on the agenda


House Bill 1173 would establish a property tax credit program for any property owner whose child, or children, are enrolled in nonpublic school or other education program, which essentially would subsidize private or home schooled education.


The bill is scheduled for hearing in front of the House Taxation committee this morning.


HB 1173 would provide the property owner with a tax credit for tuition and school fees for any child in kindergarten through 12th grade for eighty percent of the current year’s per student allocation. Payment would be remitted directly from the county.


ASBSD is opposed to the bill because of its potential repercussions to local tax payers and K-12 education funding. School districts could have to raise property taxes or seek an opt-out to make up for the potential hit.


“This bill would have detrimental, long term effects on school districts,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Our tax payers are already taking on a lot of the funding responsibility for schools and they could be asked to do even more if this bill were to pass.”


“Schools are hurting financially as it is, they cannot afford to take another hit.”

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