Tax Credit Tabled

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Tax Credit Tabled

In an unexpectedly welcome way, a bill that would have essentially subsidized private or home schooled education went down in committee, by its proverbial “own hand” nonetheless.


House Bill 1173 sponsor Rep. Don Kopp (35) requested the House Taxation committee table the bill citing plans to reintroduce a different version of the proposed legislation next year.


HB 1173 would establish a property tax credit program for any property owner whose child, or children, are enrolled in nonpublic school or other education program. The tax credit would be used to cover tuition, school fees or education expenses for any child in kindergarten through 12th grade enrolled in private school or being home schooled.


The tax credit for all eligible students would be worth up to eighty percent of the current year’s per student allocation, which based on this year’s PSA would be worth $3,592.80.


Kopp said the tax credit was “only fair” for parents and companies funding private or home schooled education for students.


ASBSD opposed the bill.


“The bill presented some potentially detrimental funding consequences so we’re pleased with this morning’s result,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said.

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