Two bills tackled on Tuesday by Reps

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Two bills tackled on Tuesday by Reps

Onward for innovation


Members of the House of Representatives passed House Bill 1164 with a 60-9 vote on Tuesday.


The bill would provide one-time dollars in the form of classroom innovation grants to utilize technology in creative and innovative ways to enhance learning and achievement of their students. Bill sponsor Rep. David Lust (34) told representatives the grants would “further the education experience” of students.


“It incentivizes teachers and classrooms to use technology in innovative ways,” Lust said.


An amendment to the bill changed the year the grants would be appropriated from 2014 to 2015 to allow teachers more time to prepare ideas before applying to the Department of Education. There is no dollar amount appropriated for the program at this time.


Tax levy bill voted down…for now


House Bill 1239 did not fare as well as HB 1164, as representatives turned back the bill by close margin.


The bill, which authorizes school districts, if they so choose, to increase certain tax levies for pension and health insurance purposes, failed to pass on  a 33-36 vote. HB 1239 would have allowed districts to levy a tax of 40 cents per thousand dollars of taxable valuation. Funds collected from the levy can only be used for pension and health insurance purposes.


A request for reconsideration was made for the bill and representatives could vote on it again today.


ASBSD will continue to monitor each bill’s progress, or lack thereof, with updates on the ASBSD blog and bill tracker.

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