Board vacancy bill evades no votes

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Board vacancy bill evades no votes

bill  clarifying how a vacancy on a school board would be filled unanimously passed the House of Representatives.


The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jacqueline Sly, said the bill is “adding clarity to how a vacancy on a school board is filled.”


Under HB 1100, a vacating school board member would participate in the process of filling a vacated school board seat, when:

  • No individual is elected to the vacated seat;
  • An elected school board member fails to meet the qualifications necessary to serve on the school board;
  • When a school board member resigns prior to the end of the term which they were elected to.

The bill would also clarify instances when only the remaining school board members would fill a vacated school board seat. Those instances include, when a board member:

  • Dies;
  • Is removed from the board;
  • Ceases to be a resident of the school district or representation area where elected;
  • Is convicted of any infamous crime or of any offense involving a violation of the member’s official oath;
  • Has a judgment obtained against the member for breach of the member’s official bond;
  • Is incapacitated and is unable to attend to the duties of the position;
  • Assumes the duties of an office incompatible with the duties of a school board member;

Rep. Fred Deutsch said the Watertown School Board dealt with the appointment issue when he was set to resign from the board to assume his role as a legislator.


“There was some discussion among the (school) attorneys if I was able to participate in the appointment (of a new board member),” Rep. Deutsch said. “This bill will clarify that (situation).”


ASBSD supports the bill, which will now move to the Senate chamber for review.

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