Dr. Douglas Wermedal accepts position as ASBSD Executive Director

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Dr. Douglas Wermedal accepts position as ASBSD Executive Director

The Associated School Boards of South Dakota Board of Directors is pleased to announce Dr. Douglas Wermedal has accepted the position of ASBSD Executive Director.


Wermedal currently serves as South Dakota State University’s Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, a position he has held for more two decades. Having served multiple terms on the Sioux Valley School Board, Wermedal is very familiar with the work of South Dakota public school boards.


“As a former school board member, Doug comes in as the new ASBSD Executive Director with the perspective of school board leaders and an understanding of both the challenges and triumphs of public education,” ASBSD President and Woonsocket School Board Vice President Lisa Snedeker said.


Wermedal served six of his nine years on the Sioux Valley School Board as President, which instilled a great appreciation for the work of public school boards and the members serving on them.


“I have an abiding admiration for those more than 800 board members across our state who do this important work,” Wermedal said.


The knowledge and appreciation of the work public school boards do motivates Wermedal to continue advancing the voice of South Dakota’s public school boards, as well as that of ASBSD.


“What could be more meaningful for South Dakota than for the voices of school board members to connect and collaborate with lawmakers and state government officials in shaping the educational landscape of South Dakota,” Wermedal said.


Through these connections Wermedal aims to assist South Dakota schools in retaining teachers.



“South Dakota public schools, like public education systems across the country, are facing the interrelated issues of work force development and teacher compensation,” Wermedal said.


“Answering these complex challenges, even in part, will go a long way toward keeping quality teaching staff in our classrooms.”


The continuity of keeping our quality public school teachers in classrooms and enhancing the educational environment will ensure our ability to provide the highest quality education and preparation of our students.


“The bottom line effort of our state’s public schools is to prepare students for a post-diploma life, whether that is joining the work force, or pursuing a technical or four-year degree,” Wermedal said.


“Academic achievement means that South Dakota public school graduates are equipped for this future and effective school boards are part of the equation that makes this happen.”


Snedeker believes Wermedal’s leadership, vision and plan for working with public schools and their leaders make him an excellent fit for ASBSD.


“Doug is a thoughtful and insightful leader,” Snedeker said. “He brings a passion for creating positive learning experiences.”


“We look forward to welcoming Doug to the ASBSD team.”


With a July 1 start date on the horizon, Wermedal is looking forward to joining the team of public school leaders throughout the state when he begins his tenure as ASBSD Executive Director.


“It is exciting to join the ASBSD team that enjoys a well-earned reputation for effectiveness and relevance regarding K-12 public educational issues,” Wermedal said. “I’m ready to go to work with all the leaders in our great South Dakota public schools.”

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