What is Common Core?

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What is Common Core?

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South Dakota along with 44 other states has adopted the Common Core State Standards. These standards promote:
  • Deeper understanding of key concepts students need to succeed as independent thinkers
  • Student’s ability to apply knowledge to real-world situations
  • Instruction that places more emphasis on understand and application, as opposed to memorization and test-taking
  • Richer, more authentic types of assessment
The development of the Common Core standards was led by the governors and educational leaders in the 45 participating states. These standards were adopted by the South Dakota Board of Education in November 2010. Download the S.D. Department of Education’s Common Core FAQ.



Common Core has fewer standards, but they are more intricate in the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills our students need to be successful in the 21st Century.
Students won’t just memorize facts, but will be able to master increasingly difficult problems and text.
Meaningful assessments become an ongoing process by giving teachers the data they need to make adjustments to curriculum and student groupings.
As districts begin to implement these standards, professional development time will be required for teachers to become familiar with the standards and to collaborate with peers to design district appropriate curricula.



The Common Core will focus on the student as learners with teachers teaching for understanding and mastery of core areas.
The standards add clarity and emphasis for teachers, helping teachers increase their students’ proficiency levels by focusing on core skills while maintaining flexibility to teach in the manner best for each child.
No longer will a text be followed from page one simply plodding through until the end; teachers will use multiple resources so that students will experience a curriculum which has meaning as well as depth and rigor. Students will develop the ability to apply learned knowledge to solve new problems and think critically.
Through communication and collaboration in the classroom, creativity and intellectual flexibility as well as strong interpersonal skills will be developed.
These broader set of competencies will give our youth an increasing advantage in work and life.



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