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Draft legislation reviewed by Minor Boundary Change Task Force

The Minor Boundary Change Task Force met for the third time on Tuesday (8/25) to review potential legislation and attendance center and district boundaries.


At the task force’s previous meeting, possible legislation was reviewed and members got their first look at suggested revisions this month.


Draft legislation would eliminate the current process by which landowners can petition the school board to transfer land to an adjoining school district, but does allow school boards to initiate a transfer of land from one school district to another, provided the school boards agree to a comparable land exchange.


The Task Force also agreed to consider possible legislation that would prohibit a school district from having an attendance center within the boundaries of another school district after July 1, 2018. Proposed legislation to be drafted would not affect virtual schools.




School districts, educational entities and the public will be able to submit comments on the pieces of draft legislation and the task force will review the comments and make a final decision on a proposed bill at their November meeting.


The existence of school district land within the boundaries of another school district – dubbed “islands” – was also discussed by the task force.  No action with respect to possible legislation was taken by the task force and the topic will be reviewed at a future meeting.


For updates on future Minor Boundary Change Task Force meetings check the ASBSD Blog.

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