New ASBSD Online Policy Services

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New ASBSD Online Policy Services

Beginning October 1, ASBSD’s online policy manual will have a new home and we will also be offering NEW online policy services to school districts hosted by ASBSD & eBOARDsolutions.


Current online policy services offered by ASBSD will change very little – your district will still have access at no cost to our more than 450 sample school policies, consultation to policy questions and current Policy Alert formats – but the website will move here, starting October 1st.



Beginning Oct. 1st schools will be provided login and password information for the new online policy manual site – click here to view.




Download the ASBSD Online Policy Services brochure here.


Along with the current sample school policies, consultation to policy questions and Policy Alerts at no cost to member districts, comes a new, subscription based feature that will streamline your school board policy process. Our new online policy service can provide your district with:

  • Organization of your district’s policy book electronically with a personalized website hosted by ASBSD & eBOARDsolutions,
  • Administrators and school board members can review your district’s policies at any time through your district’s policy page,
  • Ten hours of indepth analysis and review of your policies, written amendments to current policies and drafting of new policies (available to new subscribers for one year),
  • Current policy access and edit capabilities and add new policies in real time as your school board is amending and adopting,
  • The ability to search policies of other school websites hosted by ASBSD/eBoardsolutions.

ASBSD’s NEW online policy service is available by subscription.  There is a one-time set up fee of $1,000, which includes online training for use of software and ten hours of in‐depth analysis and review of your policies, written amendments to current policies and drafting of new policies. There is an annual hosting fee which is based on your district’s enrollment:

  • Less Than 250 — $300
  • 251 to 500 — $600
  • 501 to 750 — $900
  • 751 to 1,000 — $1,200
  • 1,001 to 1,750 — $1,500
  • 1,751 to 2,500 — $1,800
  • 2,501 to 5,000 — $2,400
  • 5,001 to 7,500 — $3,000
  • 7,501 to 25,000 — $3,600
  • Over 25,000 — $4,300

Six school districts are currently members of ASBSD’s online school board policy community:  Alcester-Hudson, Centerville, Colome Consoldiated, Miller, Tripp-Delmont and Wilmot.


“It has helped us review our policy book with much more accuracy and efficiency,” Miller Superintendent Dan Trefz said of the online policy services system.


If you would like additional information on how our new online policy services can streamline your district’s school board policy process, please contact Director of Policy and Legal Services Gerry Kaufman at or 605-773-2513.

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