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SB 90: Bill permitting public to record meeting passed by comm.

Legislative committee members agreed with the premise of a bill allowing a public meeting to be recorded.


Senate Judiciary voted 6-0 to pass Senate Bill 90, which ensures that members of the public can record a public meeting via audio or video so long as it is not disruptive. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


“We need clarification on open meetings laws,” Sen. Ried Holien, the bill’s sponsor, said. Sen. Holien noted there were “not very many” instances where the public recording a meeting was a problem, but cited a handful of instances where members of the public were asked not to record a meeting.


Sen. Holien said disruptive recording was “open to interpretation.”


“As long as it doesn’t prevent…any government body from doing their job,” Sen. Holien stated, “it would not be disruptive.”


An amendment to the bill requires the recording to be made “obvious” to members of the governing body so the bill “addresses the people who are serving, but also addresses the public,” said Sen. Holien.


SB 90 now moves to the Senate floor for review. For updates on the bill, check out the ASBSD Blog, Twitter feed and Bill Tracker page.

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