A look at the 2015 legislative session

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A look at the 2015 legislative session

Let’s take a look at the 90th legislative session’s calendar.


The 2015 calendar features an added day; bringing the session’s total to 39 days next year and beginning on January 13 with the State of the State  Address.


Wednesday, February 4 will be the final day for bills to be introduced and “Crossover Day” comes three weeks later on February 25. In between those dates in February, you can expect to see ASBSD’s Legislative Day on Tuesday, February 17.


All bills – save for the general fund bill – and resolutions must pass both legislative chambers by Tuesday, March 10 and Friday, March 13 marks the last day of the last full week of session. “Veto Day” is scheduled for Monday, March 30.


With the calendar for 2015’s session laid out, now we wait for what’s to come next year and what might come out of this year’s legislative interim. For updates, check the ASBSD Blog.

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