Appoint your district’s LAN member, attend training in Pierre

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Appoint your district’s LAN member, attend training in Pierre

The 2015 legislative session is just two weeks away and we’re preparing our member districts for session through the ASBSD Legislative Action Network (LAN).


The ASBSD Legislative Action Network is designed to activate designated members of local school boards to represent the legislative positions of the Association and their local board and communicate those positions to legislators that represent their district at the state level. Download and complete the LAN appointment form here.


After a positive reception last year, ASBSD will again conduct training sessions for LAN members to  cover the role LAN plays in advocating, a familiarization of legislators, what to say to legislators and legislation expected to emerge in 2015.


The events are free to attend and scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Dates and locations include:

“We need as many appointed LAN members as possible to attend the training events,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.


“We’ll equip those in attendance with the tools they’ll need to advocate for education.”




Every school board appoints a board member, or board members should they want me than one, as its ASBSD Legislative Action Network (LAN) representative(s) to attend to legislative issues. LAN members and ASBSD are the link between state legislators and their local school district.


Designated LAN members will periodically be contacted by ASBSD asking them to contact their legislator(s).


In order for school board members to influence legislation with grassroots advocacy, ASBSD needs LAN members to make a commitment to the following responsibilities:

  • Legislative Action Network members maintain dialogue with state policy-makers.
  • Legislative Action Network members keep informed about current education issues.
  • Legislative Action Network members are willing to call or email their legislators within a short period of time after receiving the notice from ASBSD to advocate on behalf of their local board.
  • Legislative Action Network members are willing and able to provide specific information to legislators from their local district perspective.
  • Legislative Action Network members inform other board members of the relationship between state policy and public schools.

Communication has been made with your district requesting a board member be appointed as your ASBSD LAN representative.


If you have questions about LAN or the training event, please contact Tyler Pickner at or at 605-773-8382 or 605-881-3791.

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