Meet the 2016 Senate Education committee members

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Meet the 2016 Senate Education committee members

An experienced group of legislators will examine education issues on the Senate side this session.


The seven-member Senate Education committee returns intact from 2015 with Sen. Deb Soholot again serving as Committee Chair. The group is scheduled to meet Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 a.m. during session.


Let’s get to know a little bit about the members.


Sen. Deb Soholt (District 14) enters her fourth year in the legislature and third as the education committee’s chair. No stranger to all that’s surrounded education, Sen. Soholt served as Co-Chair of the legislative interim’s Blue Ribbon Task Force. Sen. Soholt, a Senate Majority Whip, will also serve as a member of the Legislative Procedure and State Affairs committees.


Sen. Alan Solano (District 32) begins his third year in the legislature as the committee’s Vice Chair. A Senate Majority Whip, Sen. Solano will serve as Vice Chair of the State Affairs committee and a member of the Transportation committee.


Sen. Blake Curd (District 12) the orthopedic surgeon from Sioux Falls is set to conclude his third term as a legislator with his third consecutive year on the Senate Ed. Committee. Sen. Curd will serve as Chair of the Commerce and Energy Committee and is a member of the Health and Human Services committee.


Sen. Jason Frerichs (District 1) entering the final year of his fourth term in the legislature, Sen. Frerichs is serving his second year on education committee and will serve as a member of the Ag and Natural Resources, Legislative Procedures and Taxation committees. The farmer and rancher from Wilmot has filled many leadership roles while in the legislature, including Senate Minority Leader and House Minority Whip.


Sen. Brock Greenfield (District 2), a veteran legislator from Clark – who has served in both the Senate and the House – Sen. Greenfield has spent time in the classroom as a substitute teacher for schools in his legislative district. He will also serve as Vice Chair on the Senate Commerce and Energy and Taxation committees.


Sen. Bernie Hunhoff (District 18), the founder of South Dakota Magazine, Sen. Hunhoff is in his second year of this term in the Senate, having previously served in the Senate from 1993-98. He will serve as a member of the Retirement Laws, State Affairs and Transportation committees, in addition to his post on Senate. Ed.


Sen. Bruce Rampelberg (District 30) making his fifth straight appearance on the Senate Ed. Committee, Sen. Rampelberg will also serve as Chair for the Health and Human Services and Retirement Laws committees and is a member of the Ag and Natural Resources committee.


For updates from the committee and the bills they examine, check out the ASBSD Blog, Twitter feed and Bill Tracker page.

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