2017’s Best and Brightest Honored for Academic Excellence

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2017’s Best and Brightest Honored for Academic Excellence

The best and brightest from the Class of 2017 were honored for their academic achievements at the 27th Annual Academic Excellence Banquet in Pierre on Monday (4/24).


In conjunction with Gov. Dennis Daugaard, the Associated School Boards of South Dakota invited more than 200 students, who were identified as the top one percent of their senior class, from the state’s public, private and tribal schools, to celebrate their academic accomplishments.


2017 Academic Excellence (42)


“These students represent the best and the brightest students in South Dakota,” ASBSD President Anita Peterson said. “They have strived for and accomplished academic excellence.”


“It is a group with untold talent and skill, a group with ideas and creativity abound; a group we hope become the next generation of leaders of our great state.”


2017 Academic Excellence (80)


Gov. Daugaard echoed Peterson’s hope, encouraging the students to appreciate all South Dakota offers.


“I hope you’ll consider a career right here in South Dakota,” Gov. Daugaard appealed. “Have your dreams and follow them where they may lead, but don’t underestimate the value of what you have here.”


2017 Academic Excellence (83)


The governor pushed students not to underestimate themselves, either.


“Believe in yourself. Have faith in yourself,” Gov. Daugaard implored. “Almost any path you choose will lead to something you’re successful at.”


2017 Academic Excellence (44)


The event was sponsored by the South Dakota Board of Regents, the South Dakota Community Foundation and the South Dakota Education Association. The Philip High School Band provided musical entertainment.

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