Aberdeen saves 40 Hours a year in meeting time with SafeSchools

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Aberdeen saves 40 Hours a year in meeting time with SafeSchools

The Aberdeen School District adopted the SafeSchools Online Training System in 2014 and has found one of the many benefits of the system is the staff meeting time that’s been trimmed each year.


Assistant Superintendent Camille Kaul estimates that SafeSchools Training has saved Aberdeen 40 hours a year in meeting time!


SafeSchools Training is easy to use, has a great selection of courses,” Kaul said. “The courses are engaging and appropriate in length, and the company has great customer service.”


Aberdeen selected SafeSchools Training for the wide variety of training options, the convenience of being able to conduct training anywhere, at any time, and the documentation of required district trainings.



The district has decreased the amount of time required to prepare and schedule for staff trainings. Plus, staff like the flexibility to complete training on their own time, when it’s most convenient for them, and that most of their SafeSchools Training courses are only 15 to 25 minutes.


Aberdeen staff members are also able to easily ensure the district is meeting required mandates, increasing efficiency and saving valuable time and money.


“This system gives us an easy way to keep track of required federal training and to provide additional training without sending staff out of town,” Kaul said.


Those interested in learning more about SafeSchools can contact South Dakota SafeSchools Regional Manager John-Michael Larry at jlarry@scenariolearning.com.

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