Has your district appointed an ASBSD LAN member?

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Has your district appointed an ASBSD LAN member?

It’s time again to activate the ASBSD Legislative Action Network (LAN).


The 2016 legislative session is two months away and we’re preparing our member districts for session through LAN, which is designed to activate local school board members to communicate to legislators the positions of ASBSD and their local board on legislative issues relating to public schools.


Every school board appoints a board member, or board members should they want more than one, as its ASBSD LAN representative(s). Download the LAN member form here.


Learn about upcoming LAN Training events here.


During session, ASBSD will periodically request LAN members contact their state legislators and communicate the legislative stance of ASBSD and their local school district.


LAN Graphic


LAN members effectively advocate the legislative positions that benefit public schools by:

  • Maintaining dialogue with state policy-makers,
  • Staying informed about current education issues,
  • Contacting their legislators within a short period of time after receiving notice from ASBSD to advocate on behalf of their local board,
  • Providing specific information to legislators from their local district perspective,
  • Informing fellow board members of the relationship between state policy and public schools.

If you have questions about LAN or the training event, please contact Tyler Pickner at tpickner@asbsd.org or at 605-773-8382 or 605-881-3791.

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