ASBSD Board welcomes new member, discusses BRTF

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ASBSD Board welcomes new member, discusses BRTF

Members of the ASBSD Board of Directors met last month and welcomed a new member to the board and reviewed the recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Task Force.


The Board of Directors were joined by Howard School Board President Rick Olson, who was recently appointed by ASBSD President Eric Stroeder to represent the Southeast Region’s 265 and Under, at the recent meeting in November, which took place the day before Delegate Assembly.




A 15-year member of his local board, Olson has served 12-years as the district’s school board president has also been active at the state level with ASBSD, serving as Howard’s Legislative Action Network representative, attending ASBSD President’s Retreat and many regional meetings and taking part in GAVEL training with his local board.


Olson noted he was very happy to be part of the ASBSD Board and looked forward to helping in the continued development of the Association.


Board members examined the recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Task Force – read about the revenue recommendation here and new formula recommendation here – that included the need for at least $75 million in new ongoing money to improve teacher pay.


“We need new money,” ASBSD 2nd V.P. Todd Thoelke of Sioux Falls said.




Task Force members set a goal of $48,000 for the statewide average teacher pay to be reached, as well. ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany noted the move didn’t mean every district had to get their average teacher pay up to $48,000, but rather raise their average pay at a similar rate.


Board members also discussed two possibilities not included in the Task Force’s final report – shifting .50 mills of the capital outlay levy to the general fund and using a student-teacher ratio in the funding formula.


Pogany said the shift in the CO levy is estimated to generate up to $37 million, but the task force did not agree on this recommendation. Pogany also noted the same is true of the ratio, as Task Force members could not agree where to set start and end points – whether between 11-15 or 12-14.


Despite concerns the group agreed the recommendations are a good starting point for discussion.


“There is going to be some adjustment, but this is the best (funding proposal) we’ve seen in 15 years,” Olson said.


The Board of Directors also:

  • Approved a proposed change to ASBSD’s Constitution and By-Laws related to the appointment of Delegates by school district members for Delegate Assembly. The change would only require the submission of the delegates name and no longer a certification form. The proposed change must be approved by member districts.
  • Approved changes to internal ASBSD policies, which update required posting of information on the ASBSD website in place of the previously specified ASBSD Bulletin.
  • Continued board development with a review and discussion of board member ethics.
  • Received and approved the annual audit report of ASBSD, which was completed by Palmer, Currier and Hoffert, LLP. Auditor Scott Currier said the report looked good and no issues were found within the Association.
  • Reviewed and approved ASBSD financials, which ASBSD CFO Matt Flett said were in good order for the fiscal year.
  • Set the next meeting date for Monday, February 15, 2016 in Pierre.
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