Ag Land Task Force to meet, discuss capital outlay

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Ag Land Task Force to meet, discuss capital outlay

The South Dakota Legislature’s Ag Land Task Force will meet next week with two items on their agenda that could potentially affect our public schools.


To listen to the meeting, click on this link – – and then click the SDPB logo in the far right column.


First up, Division of Property and Special Taxes Director Michael Houdyshell will present a report from a work group formed by the Governor’s office to study capital outlay taxes. The administration has said pressure from tax payers warranted a review.


ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany and First Vice President Eric Stroeder of Mobridge-Pollock, along with SASD Executive Director Rob Monson and a group of superintendents have been a part of the committee since its inception.


At past meetings, the work group discussed potentially freezing Capital Outlay levies, among other potential adjustments. No decisions or proposals have been agreed upon by the group.


Also on the agenda is the review and discussion of draft legislation. At this time, it is not known what the potential legislation would look like or if it would be related to K-12 education.


ASBSD will monitor the meeting’s proceedings. For updates on the task force, check the ASBSD Blog or follow us on Twitter @asbsd_org.

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