ALL points added up at end of first year

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ALL points added up at end of first year

School boards spent many hours striving to enhance their knowledge base of board work in 2016-17.


In the first year of ASBSD’s board recognition program: ALL, which stands for Act, Learn, Lead, nearly one-third (48) of the total number of public school boards in South Dakota earned an ALL award.


“South Dakota’s public school boards are committed to their students, parents, staff and community,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “There’s a very apparent pledge by school boards across the state to enhance public education in South Dakota.”


ALL recognized board members’ participation in outside activities, board development and training, and demonstrated leadership at a variety of levels, with points earned by participating in ASBSD activities, training opportunities and demonstrating leadership at the local, state and national level throughout the fiscal year (July 1-June 30), with GAVEL Training and School Board U courses counting for a total of three years.


ALL’s Gold Level earners reached the 500 point level, Silver Level honorees earned 350 points and Bronze Level boards picked up 250 points. Fifteen school boards achieved Gold Level status, 11 boards were Silver Level honorees and 22 attained the Bronze Level.


“School boards committed their time and effort to enhancing their knowledge of board work, which will benefit their students, staff and community,” Pogany said.



This fall ASBSD is presenting award winning boards at a monthly meeting with a plaque for their accomplishment.


“Their leadership to achieve excellence for South Dakota public education is commendable and we’re very happy to be able to present them their award,” Pogany said.


Throughout the year we tallied up ASBSD’s “ALL Scoreboard” which showed the 10 most active school boards; here’s the final scoreboard for the year:

  1. Howard School Board – 1010 points
  2. Todd County School Board – 1005 points
  3. Yankton School Board – 955 points
  4. Rapid City School Board – 905 points
  5. Newell School Board – 790 points
  6. Lead-Deadwood School Board – 745 points
  7. Douglas School Board – 645 points
  8. (tie) Hot Springs and Platte-Geddes School Boards – 630 points
  9. Haakon School Board – 615 points

“These boards are proven, exemplary leaders in public education,” Pogany said. “All our school boards are dedicated to ensuring their students receive a great education and just a few months into this new year, we’re already seeing them working hard to enhance their knowledge base of board work.”


Read 2017-18’s first ALL update here.


To learn more about ALL and the opportunities to earn points, contact Leadership Develop Director Dr. Randall Royer at 605-773-2504 or

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