Alphabet soup and ASBSD

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Alphabet soup and ASBSD

How are those two things related?


They were the topics covered by ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany at this morning’s House Education Committee meeting.


Pogany was on hand to discuss ASBSD and its purpose and goals, but, before that, as Committee Chair Rep. Jacqueline Sly put it “to help us with the alphabet soup.”


“We want to be really sensitive to the fact that you’re (committee members) learning this new terminology and in many cases we are too,” Pogany said.


Pogany expounded on a few of the acronyms used in the education vernacular from the basics like DOE to the initiatives like CCS to the financially relevant like CPI, and, of course, ASBSD.


“I would ask you a favor, when you have issues related to education ask your local school board members,” Pogany requested of the committee during his presentation on ASBSD.


“I’ve always believed that elected officials talking to elected officials to try to solve problems, especially in the interest of children, is a very powerful tool.”


Pogany provided committee members with a handout highlighting ASBSD’s board development and services, policy services and advocating for K-12 education.


“We (ASBSD) stand up for education,” Pogany said. “That’s what we do.”


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