ASBSD Legislative Roundup

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ASBSD Legislative Roundup

The first week of the 2013 legislative session is complete and a total of 133 bills have been introduced, but, so far, legislation related to K-12 education has been minimal. As we know, however, that will change.


One piece of legislation already introduced that ASBSD is closely monitoring is Senate Bill 15. The bill proposes an increase to the special education tax levy imposed by districts, but caps the extraordinary cost fund provided by the state at $4 million and does not provide an increase in funding for each disability category.


The result of these changes could be an increase in the amount of local effort provided for special education funding. ASBSD will continue to monitor the bill and provide updates on it, as well as other important pieces of legislation as they are introduced.


Note: ASBSD’s Bill Tracker will be populated with bills being monitored by ASBSD and will be fully functional on Monday. If you have questions, please contact Tyler Pickner at tpickner@asbsd.orgor at 605-881-3791.

“Quotes” of Note:

Statements made from the week’s testimony, speeches, social media updates and more.


“As other states are looking to cut, we can look where to spend these dollars.” – Gov. Dennis Daugaard said during his State of the State address.


“There’s still concern out there that we need to secure a long-term funding source for education.” – Senator Billie Sutton of District 21 said in an interview with SDPB following the State of the State address.


“Whether there’s enough to pass anything (ongoing funding for schools), I don’t know, but I think there will be some interest in trying to put it in ongoing — a small amount.” – Rep. Dan Dryden said in an Argus Leader story posted Friday.


“Students that don’t take senior math show up to our door rusty.” – BOR Executive Director Jack R. Warner said during his presentation in front of the House Education Committee on Friday.


“We want all of our K-12 students to be ready for life.” – Secretary of Education Melody Schopp said while presenting at Wednesday’s House of Education Committee.


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