House approves adding safety plan discussion to exec. session

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House approves adding safety plan discussion to exec. session

A House committee and the full chamber opted to continue the discussion on adding to the key topics that can be discussed in executive session.


House State Affairs committee members passed House Bill 1048, which permits a school board to discuss and deliberate school safety plans, and other provisions, in executive session, on a 10-0 vote.


“As you know, school boards continuously find ways to make sure the children are protected,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said, noting that school boards would generally focus their discussions in executive session on emergency or disaster plans or protocols, safety or security reviews or audits or emergency or disaster response personnel or material.


Pogany added the bill “gives school boards a very, very clear guide about what (they) can talk about” in executive session and is “good mesh from knowing what is already exempted” from executive session.


Rep. Tim Reed, the bill’s prime sponsor, added during the committee hearing that the bill will “help cities, counties and school boards protect themselves.”


HB 1048, which faced no opponent testimony, also passed the House unanimously and now heads to the Senate for review.


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