ASBSD enrollment categories updated by Board of Directors

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ASBSD enrollment categories updated by Board of Directors

ASBSD’s governance structure received an update as the ASBSD Board of Directors voted in favor of bringing the Association’s enrollment categories up-to-date based on enrollment figures from the 2015-16 school year.


The updated enrollment categories take effect immediately, as the 2017 ASBSD Board of Directors election cycle is set to begin soon. Learn more about the upcoming election cycle here.


School districts that have changed enrollment categories include:

  • Agar-Blunt-Onida, Gettysburg and Highmore-Harrold have moved to the 265 and Under category in the Central Region;
  • Hamlin has moved to the 700-1,399 category, Wolsey-Wessington to the 266-699 category and Arlington, Castlewood, Estelline and Northwestern Area to the 265 and Under category in the Northeast Region;
  • Harrisburg and Tea Area are now in the 1,400-9,999 category, Elk Point-Jefferson, Gayville-Volin, Irene-Wakonda, Plankinton and Viborg-Hurley to the 266-699 category and Scotland to the 265 and Under category in the Southeast Region;
  • Oglala Lakota County joined the 1,400-9,999 category in the Western Region.

You can learn more about ASBSD’s governance structure on our Region and Enrollment Categories webpage.


“ASBSD enrollment categories are appropriately updated and we’ll move forward with them for the 2017 ASBSD Board election cycle,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said.


“With the ASBSD policy approved by the board at the August meeting, we’ll ensure categories are reviewed and updated consistently.”


Per ASBSD policy, the ASBSD Executive Committee will review ASBSD region and enrollment categories every three years.


The Board of Directors also:

  • Reviewed the resolutions and standing positions presented at Delegate Assembly and amended and passed two resolutions, which were presented to and approved by Delegates;
  • Supported the Association drafting legislation and submitting it to the legislature to bring transparency to the Partners in Education Tax Credit program, which was approved during the 2016 legislative session;
  • Received a report on and approved the ASBSD financials, which CFO Matt Flett noted were in good shape and on target with the targets set for the fiscal year 2017 budget;
  • Approved the Association’s audit, which was completed by Palmer, Currier & Hoffert;
  • Studied results of the ASBSD Member Survey and potential action steps that could be taken based on the information.
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