ASBSD honors awarded at Convention

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ASBSD honors awarded at Convention

The 2014 ASBSD-SASD Convention provided the opportunity to recognize individuals and a collective board for their contributions to the K-12 education community through five ASBSD Awards.


Vermillion School Board Chairman Chris Esping was tabbed the Outstanding School Board Member of the Year.


Chris Esping

(Esping [right] and S.D. Sec. of Education Melody Schopp. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography)


Currently serving in her 10th year on the school board, two years as Chairman and five as Vice-Chairman, Esping is a forward thinker focused on the success of students and staff in the district where she has led the strategic plan process, directed the pre-school planning committee to establish a new program, promoted a comprehensive district-wide safety program and championed the implementation of the Charlotte Danielson evaluation system in the district to assist in professional development for the faculty, among other accomplishments.


The Sioux Valley School Board was presented the School Board Award of Excellence for expecting just that of themselves and their district.


The School Board Award of Excellence honors a South Dakota public school board which consistently demonstrates outstanding leadership that enhances the achievement for all students.


Sioux Valley School Board

(Sioux Valley School Board members and Schopp [third from left]. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography.)


Comprised of five visionary leaders, the Sioux Valley School Board understands their role in improving education in the district and holds an ambitious agenda to simultaneously improve student achievement and school facilities. The many projects, programs and initiatives of the board focus on driving student achievement.


For her support in the legislature of K-12 education, Rep. Jacqueline Sly was given the School Bell Award.


Rep. Jacqueline Sly


(Rep. Sly [right] and Schopp. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography.)


The ASBSD School Bell Award honors non-board members serving statewide public education in an exemplary fashion.


Bolstered by her extensive experience as an educator, Rep. Sly serves as Chair of the House Education Committee and led a legislative interim study on school funding in 2013. She has been a champion for schools while in the legislature and ASBSD considers her a friend of education.


Phil George, Verlin Hosmer and Bob Hull of the Sisseton Performing Arts Center and Sports Complex Fundraising Group were awarded the Community Service Award for their efforts.


The ASBSD Community Service Award is presented to individuals or groups serving their local school district in exemplary fashion.


Sisseton Performing Arts Center & Sports Complex Fundraising Group

(From left: Hull, Schopp, Hosmer and George. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography.)


Long standing members of the Sisseton community, the three gentlemen were instrumental in leading the fund raising efforts to build the new Performing Arts Center and Sports Complex, which has helped the growth of both the district’s sport and performing arts programs.


George, Hosmer and Hull are respected for the roles they have played throughout the years in Sisseton, with their major contributions being dedication, knowledge of the community and motivation to make a difference.


Two veteran school board members were honored for their service with the Longevity Award, which recognizes school board leaders who have served more than 20 years on a local school board.


Joanne Farke of Armour (21 years) and Kathy Gunderson of Dakota Valley (24 years) were Longevity Award honorees this year.


Joanne Farke


(Farke [right] and Schopp. Gunderson was not in attendance. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography.)


“Joanne and Kathy are a testament to dedication to a school district,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Both have a set a standard to be followed, not only in their local district, but by board members across South Dakota.”

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