ASBSD honors Gov. Daugaard, board members and community members

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ASBSD honors Gov. Daugaard, board members and community members

ASBSD honored former Gov. Dennis Daugaard, school board members and individuals from communities at the 2019 ASBSD-SASD Convention.


Former South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard received the School Bell Award, which honors individuals or organizations who have served South Dakota public education in an exemplary fashion.


Former Gov. Daugaard lead the effort to provide $67 million in new funding for K-12 public schools through the passage of a half-cent increase in the state’s sales tax and revamp of the state’s funding formula, both of ideas were developed by the Blue Ribbon Task Force convened by Gov. Daugaard.



“Gov. Daugaard’s commitment and service to public education embodies exemplary service,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “He recognized the funding issue public schools were facing and, with steadfast resolve, took unprecedented action to alleviate the problem.”


“We’re grateful to Gov. Daugaard for his dedicated service to public education.”


Brandon Valley School Board President Renee Ullom earned the 2019 Outstanding School Board Member of the Year honor.


Through her various leadership roles and involvement in advocacy in 12-years on the Brandon Valley School Board, Ullom has created a learning environment resulting in student success and provided excellent educational opportunities for all children in the district and played a key role in directing the development of the Brandon Valley Strategic Plan.



“Renee is a dedicated public servant who has put forth maximum effort to ensure the students in the Brandon Valley School District receive a great education, the staff has access to the best practices and the community is actively engaged,” Pogany said.


“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to honor Renee for her exceptional work as a school board member.”


The Pierre School Board was selected as the 2019 ASBSD School Board Award of Excellence.


Each year the Pierre School Board meets following the school year to set and maintain goals that benefit students, staff and community and through these goals have resulted in many great accomplishments, including increasing achievement levels and rate of success of those students most in need and construction and opening of the first new school building in the district in more than 50 years.



“Pierre School Board members exemplify leadership in promoting excellence in public education,” Pogany said.


“They strive to enhance their knowledge of board work and put that knowledge to work in their goal setting for the district, which in turn enriches the education of their students, the environment for their staff members and the community of Pierre, overall.”


Three individuals earned ASBSD’s Community Service Award, which is presented to individuals or groups serving their local school district in exemplary fashion.


Lynn Hanson of Aberdeen has championed promoting public education and the district within the community and is the “go-to” volunteer in the district who is always willing to lend a hand.



“Lynn’s dedication to the Aberdeen School District is extraordinary,” Pogany said. “She is champion of student success in many different areas and her support has clearly enhanced the district.”


Pearl Paulson of Florence has been a dedicated member of the Florence community and school system for the past 50 years, with her work with the Florence Booster Club and Project Care having touched the lives of many students who have attended the Florence School.



“Pearl’s contributions to the Florence School District and community epitomize the Community Service Award,” Pogany said. “Her devotion to helping the students, staff and community is inspirational and we are so happy to honor her with the award.”


Becky Hubsch of Summit blazed a trail in Summit by leading the charge in securing grant funding for multiple programs that have benefitted the school district and community, spearheading a community effort to fund building projects and filling many different roles in the school.



“The time and effort Becky put forth to enhance the Summit School District through so many different programs is very admirable,” Pogany said. “Her deep-rooted dedication to the district is on full display and we’re proud to have the opportunity to honor her for it.”


Former Hill City School Board Member Owen Wiederhold was honored with the Longevity Award, which recognizes school board leaders who have served more than 20 years on a local school board. Wiederhold served 21 ½ years on the Hill City School Board.


“To serve for more than two decades on the school board is an amazing accomplishment,” ASBSD Pogany said. “Public service takes dedication and determination and Owen’s longevity in that role is exemplary.”


“Owen’s commitment to the students, staff and community of Hill City is phenomenal and we’re so happy to have had the chance to recognize him.”

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