Latest risk management newsletter available now

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Latest risk management newsletter available now

The latest risk management newsletter from an ASBSD service partner is available.


ASBSD’s partnership with the School Leaders Risk Management Association (SLRMA) provides our member districts FREE access to a variety of checklists and best practices focused on school board and district protection and this quarter’s newsletter focuses on hazing in K-12 schools.


Hazing in K-12 schools is now in the media spotlight with multiple recent incidents involving students on sports teams and other groups physically and psychologically abusing fellow students. School districts need to know how to simultaneously protect student victims of hazing, report potential crimes to law enforcement and minimize legal liability.



SLRMA aims to support school districts in addressing hazing appropriately through the latest resource provided to ASBSD members via their newsletter and checklist focused on hazing prevention, early intervention and response.


SLRMA, a not-for-profit organization that collects, analyzes and disseminates federal school board legal liability risk management information, also posts additional information, including material on preventing environmental health hazards in schools and financial fraud prevention tips, among other topics, on their website:


Login access for the SLRMA website has been previously provided to your district’s administration and any questions about accessing the website or about the service can be directed to Director of Communications Tyler Pickner at 605-773-8382 or

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