ASBSD’s Guide for School Board Candidates

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ASBSD’s Guide for School Board Candidates

School board election dates are quickly being set and with that comes the possibility for new candidates seeking a position on the board.


ASBSD Leadership Development Director Dr. Randy Royer has a developed a brief video guide to share with new school board candidates and school districts as a way to prime candidates for their potential role on the board.


“This quick guide will outline steps to becoming a school board candidate, and will also give you a quick glimpse at the expectations of you as a school board member and your roles and responsibilities,” Royer said.


In addition, the guide introduces four key laws and one sample school board policy that new candidates should familiarize themselves with:

  • Open Meeting Law SDCL 1-25-1;
  • Executive Session Law SDCL 1-25-2;
  • Pecuniary Interest Law SDCL 6-1-17;
  • Employment of a Board member by the school district SDCL 13-43-1; and
  • School Board member Code of Ethics (policy)


There are multiple ways to access the video:

A print version of the guide can be downloaded here and on each page listed above, as well.


“We want new school board candidates and school districts to utilize this as a tool to help prepare potential members for their pivotal role in South Dakota’s public education system,” Royer said.


If you have questions about the guide, contact Royer at or at 605-773-2504.

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