Webinars share benefits of paperless meeting service

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Webinars share benefits of paperless meeting service

As the pioneer of eGovernance, BoardDocs has helped over 1,000 school districts nationwide improve the way they prepare, provide information for and operate a meeting.


Recently, BoardDocs, in conjunction with ASBSD, hosted webinars for school districts to share the benefits of paperless meetings.


Download the presentation from the webinars here.


ASBSD and BoardDocs have partnered since 2009 and in that time have had 5 school districts subscribe to the service, which BoardDocs eGovernance Specialist Laura Vautour called a “quick and easy way to manage” board related documents.


The service provides school boards and districts state-of-the-art services that save money, streamline operations and reduce time spent producing board packets.


BoardDocs, which works on any device and web browser, allows school district representatives to create and setup new meetings in minutes, customize their meetings and add agenda items easily.




Documents can be uploaded to BoardDocs in any format (i.e. PDF, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and more) and the eGovernance site provides for an unlimited amount of meetings to be stored.


A search feature on BoardDocs allows boards to find documents from past meetings, as well as search all public documents of other BoardDocs users for reference. The service also helps with transparency as it provides the board with the ability to email attachments or share documents publicly.


Districts have two options of service, including:

  • BoardDocs LT which can be purchased for a one-time start-up fee of$1,000 and $2,700 per year subscription
  • BoardDocs Pro which can be purchased for a one-time start-up fee of$1,000 and $9,500 per year subscription.

In addition to the services offered, BoardDocs will come to your district and do training.


For more information on BoardDocs, contact Bill Terry at (404) 549-6636 or at lvautour@BoardDocs.com.

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