Bill eliminating cost saving construction option passed

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Bill eliminating cost saving construction option passed

A bill eliminating the cost saving option of utilizing a construction manager as the architect or engineer in a construction project passed one half of the legislature.


On a 44-23 vote, House members passed House Bill 1112, which revises certain provisions related to construction managers on certain public improvement projects.


HB 1112 would disallow a school district – or other public entities – from hiring a construction manager to fill the additional roles of architect or engineer, which, for those districts who utilize this option, would increase costs.


ASBSD opposes the bill.


“We’re taking away this choice,” Rep. Tona Rozum said during debate on the House floor, adding that under the current law schools save dollars and “love” the single source for these construction projects.


Rep. Julie Bartling echoed Rep. Rozum’s sentiment saying the current provision in law “works very well” for these government entities, especially smaller government subdivisions.


“It’s a good use of tax dollars,” Rep. Burt Tulson said, noting the current provision in law is a cost saving option.


Supporters of the bill said the utilization of a construction manager to fill additional roles is a loop hole in law and needed to be closed for protection purposes.


“You need to have the separation of duties for the protection of the taxpayers,” Rep. Larry Zikmund said.


It’s a protection Rep. Larry Rhoden wasn’t sure was necessary.


“We have a fix to a problem that I don’t think’s been identified,” Rep. Rhoden said. “The question that comes down to me is local control. Do we believe in local control or not?”


HB 1112 now moves to the Senate for review.


For updates on the bill, check the ASBSD BlogTwitter feed and Bill Tracker.

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