Bill updating COI law passed by committee

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Bill updating COI law passed by committee

Conflict of interest law is in line for an update following a legislative committee’s approval of new bill.


House Judiciary committee members unanimously passed House Bill 1170, which amends the conflict of interest disclosure law, on Monday (2/13).


ASBSD supports the bill and was an integral part in the development of new provisions being added and changed to the law, which was implemented last year through House Bill 1214’s passage.

Primary adjustments to the conflict of interest law found in HB 1170 include:

  • Establishment of a $5,000 financial threshold for conflict of interest disclosures;
  • Required authorization from the governing board before a member can enter into a contract, which if extending over consecutive fiscal years would require annual disclosure;
  • Notice of who must disclose a potential conflict, including a board member, business manager, chief financial officer, superintendent, chief executive officer or other person with the authority to enter into a contract or spend money;
  • Development of a conflict of interest disclosure form by the state’s Attorney general;
  • Permitting the official minutes of a board in which disclosure is made and approved to be the official document submitted to the state’s Attorney General.

ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany noted HB 1170 was a “good cleanup bill to the law” and would help districts better sort out issues that arose from last year’s implementation of the law.


There were no opponents to the bill, which now moves to the House floor for review and vote.


For updates on HB 1170, check the ASBSD BlogTwitter feed and Bill Tracker.

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