Capital outlay talks intensify, review expected at Delegate Assembly

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Capital outlay talks intensify, review expected at Delegate Assembly

A discussion related to limiting a school district’s capital outlay levy and its potential growth have intensified recently and is likely to spawn discussion at ASBSD’s upcoming Delegate Assembly (Friday, Nov. 21), which is where member districts set the legislative direction of the Association by voting on resolutions and standing positions.


Amid speculation of a potential tax revolt, lead the Governor’s office to form a work group comprised of representatives from education groups – including ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany and First Vice President Eric Stroeder – legislators and the ag community to discuss the matter.


The group has not presented a formal or informal proposal, only held discussions around capital outlay and what limiting the levy could look like and its potential effect on school districts.


Members of the South Dakota Legislature’s Ag Land Task Force are scheduled to meet on Tuesday (Nov. 18) and hear a report from Division of Property and Special Taxes Director Michael Houdyshell on the progress of the work group.


It is unknown at this time what action, if any, will be taken by the Ag Land Task Force, as they are also expected to discuss potential legislation, according to the meeting agenda. ASBSD will provide updates on the meeting on the ASBSD Blog and on our Twitter feed – @asbsd_org.


“There’s still a lot of discussion left, but a discussion on capital outlay limitation is likely to take place between our member districts at Delegate Assembly,” Pogany said.


“I strongly encourage any delegate appointed by our member districts to attend Delegate Assembly and those districts who have not submitted a board member as a delegate to do so, immediately.”


Districts can appoint a delegate by completing this certification form and returning it to ASBSD by email to, via fax 605-773-2501 or mail to 306 E Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501. Delegates appointed this week will be approved at Delegate Assembly and can vote upon approval.

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