Committee rejects policy mandate bill

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Committee rejects policy mandate bill

School boards will continue to have control over facilities policy.


House Bill 1296, which requires each school board to establish a policy on the use of certain school district facilities by transgender persons, fell on a 11-1 vote by the House Judiciary committee on Monday (2/12).


ASBSD opposed the bill.


“The issue has been answered over and over again. We already have a policy and practice that answers that question” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany testified, adding that nondiscrimination policies in districts cover the matter.


“These policies guide our schools in how we hand sensitive issues and it is the law.”


Rep. Tim Goodwin, HB 1296’s prime sponsor, said districts needed to “come up with a policy” and not “put their head in the sand” on the issue.


Pogany countered the idea that schools weren’t handling this topic at the local level.


“Schools take the responsibility of their students very, very seriously,” Pogany said. “Bills like this try to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.”


Rep. David Lust echoed Pogany’s sentiment of schools handling these matters in their halls.


“They don’t need a policy,” Rep. Lust said. “They just adapt.”


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