Implementation of Common Core continues

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Implementation of Common Core continues

The House’s version of a bill that would repeal the Common Core Standards failed to get past the House Education committee on Monday.


On an 8-7 vote, committee members killed House Bill 1243, which called for a reset to the Common Core implementation process that has been in the works since 2010.


Last week, Senate Education committee members voted down an identical bill (Senate Bill 129).


ASBSD opposed both bills. ASBSD member districts adopted resolution A4 Common Core Academic Standards, which states the Association’s support of the standards, in November.


“One hundred percent of the delegates in attendance (at Delegate Assembly) voted to support Common Core,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany testified during HB 1243’s committee hearing.


The anti-Common Core crowd argued the standards needed to be repealed because they were detrimental to students and teachers.


“These are not proven,” Rep. Elizabeth May said of the standards. “This is an experiment. (Common Core is) not in the best interest of our teachers.”


S.D. Secretary of Education Melody Schopp rebutted the claims that the standards are unproven, saying Common Core is “more tested, more researched, more valid” than any standards previously used in the state. Sec. Schopp also stated teachers in South Dakota have said the standards are reliable.


Rep. Burt Tulson said it was time to trust the teachers and the standards.


“We do need standards for our students,” Rep. Tulson said. “We must let the people in the education field do their job.”


For updates on legislation related to K-12, check the ASBSD Blog and Bill Tracker page.

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