Conference committees appointed, bills passed on 36th legislative day

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Conference committees appointed, bills passed on 36th legislative day

Along with the adoption of revenue projections, the 36th legislative day featured the appointment of legislative conference committees and the ratification of three K-12 related education.


A legislative conference committee consists of a group of Senators and Representatives who review a bill that has been amended in one or both chambers and attempt to compromise on the amended bill that would satisfy both chambers.


A recommendation made by a conference committee still must be approved by the House and Senate.


Among the 12 conference committees appointed, Senate Bills 53 (two percent increase), 54 (adjust special education tax levy), 140 (repeals the SDHSAA transgender student participation policy) and 176 (formerly appropriated funds for the development of online education resources and a rubric of textbook analysis), were some of the key K-12 related bills to be assigned for review.


Senators did concur on three K-12 bills amended by the House and sent them on to Gov. Dennis Daugaard to be signed into law. Those bills included:

  • Senate Bill 132, which would allow districts leeway to offer a signing bonus, moving expenses, or tuition reimbursement to a teacher employed in the school district;
  • Senate Bill 134, which proposes a one year moratorium on minor boundary changes in a school district and the creation of a legislative task force to study the process; and
  • Senate Bill 100, which creates a leased residential property tax classification.

Conference committees will begin their work on Thursday (3/12). For updates, check the ASBSD Blog, Bill Tracker page and Twitter feed.

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