Delegates approve legislative platform after great discussion at Assembly

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Delegates approve legislative platform after great discussion at Assembly

Board members representing their districts at the 2022 Delegate Assembly engaged in a robust discussion on the proposed legislative platform of ASBSD.


Delegates in attendance approved 44 legislative resolutions, which are pointed legislative policy positions, and 12 standing positions, which are broad statements on legislative policy, that compromise ASBSD’s legislative platform for the 2023 legislative session.



Click here to view the 2023 Legislative Resolutions and click here to view the 2023 Legislative Standing Positions.


“The votes you cast today on our legislative positions is part of the process in making our collective voices supporting public education heard,” ASBSD President Lisa Snedeker of Woonsocket said to Delegates in attendance.



Those in attendance also approved the legislative priorities, which were recommended based on input from member feedback, of ASBSD for the upcoming session and will be the focus of advocacy efforts. The priorities include:

  • Increasing State Aid
  • Public Funding for Non-Public Education
  • Tax Reduction or Repeal
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Resources

Snedeker stressed the need for school board members to advocate for these legislative priorities, as well as the other needs of public schools to our elected leaders.



“We need our legislators to know our positions on the many issues facing our schools by talking to them before session begins and then continuing our communication and advocacy efforts throughout session,” Snedeker declared.


“Let’s make our voices heard to the legislators and Governor, we elect. Let’s work together in advocacy to enhance our excellent public education system.”



Meet with your legislators and ask them the important questions.


For updates on the 2023 legislative session and other issues affecting K-12 public education, check the ASBSD Blog and Billtracker page.

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