Fall’s ALL Scoreboard

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Fall’s ALL Scoreboard

ASBSD’s fall event schedule has come to a close and with that we’ve tallied up ALL points and found the most active school boards thus far in the 2017-18 school year.


Forty-three school boards have earned an ALL award distinction already – compared to 48 that earned an award level all of last year – with 8 boards being new winners from last year. Boards can earn Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for their point totals.


Eleven boards have reached the Gold level, 14 are on silver and 18 having earned Bronze.


“We’re thrilled to see the ALL program off to such a great start not even halfway through the year,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “There’s been a great deal of participation among board members in ASBSD events, trainings and other programs.”



The ELEVEN most active (and Gold level earning) school boards thus far are:

  1. Howard School Board – 1020 points
  2. Lyman School Board – 945 points
  3. Newell School Board – 875 points
  4. Todd County School Board – 860 points
  5. Colome Consolidated School Board – 705 points
  6. Rapid City School Board – 660 points
  7. Ipswich School Board – 655 points
  8. Deubrook School Board – 645 points
  9. Lead-Deadwood School Board – 620 points
  10. Bon Homme School Board – 510 points
  11. White River School Board – 505 points

School boards earn points throughout the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) by participating in ASBSD activities, training opportunities and demonstrating leadership at the local, state and national level and are credited for GAVEL Training (face-to-face or School Board U) for a total of three years (2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18).


In addition to the award level reaching school boards, 13 boards have earned more than 200 points, another 14 have earned more than 150 points and, in total, 88 school boards have already reached 100 or more ALL points.


“There’s definitely a drive among school board members to enhance their knowledge base and we’re delighted to honor and recognize them for their work,” Pogany said.


If you would like to know how many ALL points your board has earned thus far, contact Tyler at tpickner@asbsd.org.

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