Final plea for $4,805 falls

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Final plea for $4,805 falls

Two amendments introduced to the general fund bill that called for the per-student allocation to be set at $4,805 for the 2014-15 school year were defeated by the Joint Appropriations committee on Friday.


Both amendments died on 14-4 votes, with one being tabled without discussion.


Rep. Susan Wismer, who introduced one of the amendments, said the legislature had “prioritized” other programs over K-12 education and called the funding effort for schools “pitiful” over the last five years.


A return to $4,805, which was the PSA’s highpoint prior to massive funding cuts in 2011, would have required a 3.87 percent increase in state aid, or a $179 more per student.


Earlier this year, House Bill 1004, which also called for the PSA’s return to $4,805, was killed by the House Appropriations committee. ASBSD supported the bill.


Currently, school districts are set to receive a three percent increase in state aid, which would set the PSA at $4,764.


The legislature is scheduled to conclude the budget process today (Friday) with the passage of the general fund bill – Senate Bill 187. For updates on the conclusion of the budget process, check the ASBSD Blog and Bill Tracker page.

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