Four bills find their way out of Senate

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Four bills find their way out of Senate

Four bills found their way out of the Senate on Monday.


House Bill 1033, which gives preference to the open enrollment application of siblings of a student currently in a district, passed on a 33-2 vote.


Sen. Chuck Welke told his peers the bill’s “intent is to keep families together” in school districts through application preference. An amendment introduced and eventually passed simply strengthened the preference provision.


The bill now heads back over to the House, its chamber of origin, for approval of the amended version. ASBSD is monitoring the bill


On a 31-4 vote, House Bill 1030 passed. The bill calls for the evaluation data of a teacher, administrator or other school employee be confidential.


Sen. Deb Soholt said teachers “deserve some assurance” that evaluation of their job performance will remain confidential, but noted the bill did not stifle a parent’s right to inquire about a teacher through communication with an administrator.


ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


A bill supported by ASBSD – House Bill 1126 – passed on a 33-2 vote.


HB 1126 allows an appointed school board member to countersign school board payments. Sen. Bill Van Gerpen said the bill offers convenience and efficiency to school boards.


House Bill 1167, which allows schools to keep and administer epinephrine auto-injectors in certain cases, was passed by the Senate on a unanimous vote.


Sen. Jean Hunhoff said the auto-injectors are used in a “crisis situation” and help save lives of those suffering an acute allergic reaction. ASBSD is monitoring the bill.


HB 1031, 1126 and 1167 now move to Gov. Dennis Daugaard for his signature or veto.


For updates on these bills, check the ASBSD Blog and Bill Tracker page.

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