ASBSD gavel passed, legis. priorities and enrollment categories approved by board

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ASBSD gavel passed, legis. priorities and enrollment categories approved by board

ASBSD’s gavel was officially passed at the most recent Board of Directors meeting, where members also approved proposed legislative priorities for Delegate Assembly and new enrollment categories for Association regions.


ASBSD President Lisa Snedeker of Woonsocket was officially passed the gavel from Past President Eric Stroeder of Mobridge-Pollock at the board’s November board meeting.



“Lisa’s dedication to public education and enthusiasm to ensure it succeeds for the students, staff and the communities it serves make her a fantastic leader for ASBSD,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.


“The Association will continue to thrive under her guidance and we’re thankful for her willingness to serve.”



Snedeker’s reception of the ASBSD gavel rounds out the Executive Committee with Louann Krogman of White River ascending to First Vice President and Garret Bischoff of Huron taking on the role of Second Vice President while Stroeder moves into Past President.


“We’ve got an excellent Board of Directors who have elected a great leadership team in Lisa, Louann, Garret and Eric,” Pogany said. “ASBSD is in great hands with this group.”



With the ASBSD Board meeting the day prior to the 2022 Delegate Assembly, they approved proposed legislative priorities that were presented to Delegates at Assembly.


Click here to read a recap of the 2022 Delegate Assembly.


Those proposed legislative priorities included:

  • Increasing State Aid
  • Public Funding for Non-Public Education
  • Tax Reduction or Repeal
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Resources


In addition to the proposed legislative priorities, the Board approved new enrollment categories for the Association, which is required by ASBSD policy to take place every three years.


The updated enrollment categories utilize the three-year average of districts’ enrollments for 2019, 2020 and 2021 and go into effect for the 2023 ASBSD Board of Directors election cycle, which you can read about by clicking here.



In addition, the Board:

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