Gender dysphoria instruction bill on way to House floor

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Gender dysphoria instruction bill on way to House floor

Lengthy debate led to a narrow vote on a bill dictating instruction in schools.


House Education committee members voted 9-6 to pass House Bill 1108, which prohibits gender dysphoria instruction in public schools.


HB 1108 was amended to reference gender dysphoria, which involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which they identify, replacing an instruction prohibition on gender identity or gender expression.


“I don’t think (dysphoria) should be addressed in school at all,” Rep. Fred Deutsch said, prior to voting in favor of the bill, adding that the matter was a parent-child issue.


ASBSD is opposed to the bill, as the Association’s standing position on local governance, states: ASBSD supports the judgment and integrity of South Dakota public school board members and opposes initiatives or legislation that impedes a school board’s ability to govern.


“Allow the school boards to deal with issues (locally),” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said, nothing that each point was established by the local school board. “We have policies, we have procedures, we have curriculum.”


“There’s no evidence to suggest this is an issue in South Dakota.”


The lack of evidence in the matter being an issue in South Dakota was not disputed by the bill’s prime sponsor.


“I can’t confirm or deny that this is actually being taught in South Dakota schools,” Rep. Tom Pischke told committee members.


“I can’t point to anything specifically in South Dakota.”


Rep. Ray Ring bluntly stated his view of the intent of the bill.


“This is just another step in the unrelenting attack on public schools,” Rep. Ring said.


HB 1108 now moves to the House floor for review.


For updates on the bill and other legislation throughout session, check the ASBSD BlogTwitter feedFacebook page and Bill Tracker.


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