Gov. signs two bills

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Gov. signs two bills

Governor signs cap. outlay extension


Last week, Gov. Dennis Dauggaard signed Senate Bill 194, which extends the provision allowing school districts to use capital outlay funds for certain insurance, energy, utilities and motor fuel costs to 2018, into law.


The provision, which was introduced in 2009, was set to expire in 2014.


The number of school districts utilizing capital outlay flexibility increased each year since 2009, which in turn caused the total dollar amount to grow as well.


The total dollars used as part of the flexibility provision nearly doubled from FY10 to FY11 and again in FY11 to FY12, which could be attributed the freeze in state aid in FY11 and the 8.6 percent cut to it in FY12.


ASBSD supported the bill.


Treatment center funding bill signed


Gov. Daugaard also signed Senate Bill 158, which would provide state funding for students in treatment centers and clarifies the discrepancy among the home district and the district in which the treatment center is located.


About 30 students per-year fall in this category and the total cost is approximately $139,000, said Rep. Peggy Gibson (22) in support of the bill on the House floor. The governor included funding for similar situations in his budget proposal.


ASBSD supported the bill.

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