Immunization record bill moves to Senate

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Immunization record bill moves to Senate

House Bill 1059, which aligns state law with HIPAA regulations in order for schools and other entities to continue to access child immunization records, is headed for the Senate after Representatives passed the bill on a 45-24 vote.


“This is a matter of public health,” Rep. Karen Soli said of the bill.


HB 1059 was introduced at the behest of the state’s Department of Health to allow schools and other entities to access immunization records in the event a parent or guardian would not have them readily available.


Representatives approved an amendment to the bill that requires a healthcare provider to notify a patient, parent or guardian of their right to refuse for their immunization records to be shared in the DOH system.



“I would rather see this as an opt-in rather than an opt-out,” Rep. Steven Haugaard said of the bill.


Rep. Kristin Conzet said without HB 1059 there would be an “increased administrative burden” on schools, daycares and parents and in the 18-years the DOH immunization system has been operational fewer than 200 people have opted not to share their children’s immunization records.


Supporters of the bill also noted the DOH immunization record keeping system has not had a breach in its 18-years of existence.


ASBSD is monitoring HB 1059. For updates from session, check the ASBSD Bill Tracker and Blog pages.

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