Immunization records bill advances

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Immunization records bill advances

ASBSD’s Bill Tracker page received the first of many updates to legislation being tracked when members of the House Health and Human Services Committee voted 8-5 to pass House Bill 1059.


The bill was introduced at the behest of the state’s Department of Health to align state law with HIPAA regulations in order for schools and other entities to continue to access child immunization records in the event a parent or guardian would not have them readily available.


“We want to be able to continue to provide this resource,” S.D. Dept. of Health Division Director Colleen Winter said.


Winter addressed committee concerns about the access to the records saying the bill did not expand access to immunization records and parents or guardians still, and always, have the option to opt-out of sharing the records.


“I see it as a step forward for public health,” Rep. Karen Soli said of the bill.


ASBSD is monitoring HB 1059, which now moves on for review and vote by all Representatives.


For updates from session, check the ASBSD Bill Tracker and Blog pages.

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